About the PDA

The Pennyghael Development Association Ltd

Registered Company Limited by Guarantee number 293630

Scottish Charity Registration number SC031866

Registered Office. Abacus Services, Abacus House, 8 High Street, Oban, Argyll PA34 4BG


The Pennyghael Development Association (PDA) was formed as a sub-committee of the Pennyghael Community Association in 2000, latterly becoming a limited company and a registered charity.

The main thrust of our activities since 2005 has been to secure the future of the Old School in Pennyghael which is the focus of the surrounding community. We have done this by raising funds to purchase the Old School building on behalf of the community. Since the purchase, the PDA have sought to secure the means to make the building fit for purpose, and to further our objectives as defined in our articles of association, by developing the infrastructure for a viable and sustainable community centre.

Membership of the Association is open to all, particularly the residents of Pennyghael, Isle of Mull and its environs - the communities and land area of Burg, Scobul, Gribun, Tiroran, Kinloch, Pennyghael, Carsaig, Pennycross, Killunaig, Torrans, and Ormsaig. Membership is £1.00 per year.

If you wish to join the PDA, you can download an application form.

The current membership of the Board of Directors is here.

It is planned to merge the PDA and the PCA, the new body will be called the Pennyghael Community Development Association